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Mick Blue , Jack Blaque , Chad Diamond , Ramon Nomar , John Strong , Dana Vespoli , Gia Derza , Johnny Goodluck

GIA! Talented, artistic director Dana Vespoli showcases gorgeous, erotically adventurous star Gia Derza in an edgy psychosexual thriller: "GIA" includes four kinky hardcore scenes linked by interludes of phantasmagoric imagery flashes of bondage and nightmarish, transgressive sex. The movie opens forebodingly, with Dana finding Gia face-down in a bathtub. In the first scene, dominant Dana stuffs a dildo down Gia's throat as her strap-on plows Gia's butthole. Suddenly, the young starlet emerges in a threesome with Mick Blue and John Strong. In glamorous lingerie, she chokes on cocks and rims ass. Anal fucking and concurrent cocksucking lead to serious double penetration pounding. Gia ejaculates girl squirt, and she swallows cum. Bewildered and anxious, Gia finds herself in a tiara and skimpy lingerie. She descends a staircase and encounters a group of masturbating men. Gorgeous Gia kneels for a slobber-soaked blowbang, and six dudes stuff their big cocks down her throat. They finger her orifices amid all the spit-soaked blowjobs and face fucking. Gia laps balls, eager for hot semen. Multiple cum facials leave her giggling maniacally, her pretty face caked in sperm. Trim, young temptress April Olsen and Gia make out shirtless on the bed, kissing, groping and hungrily eating pussy. Dirty-talking April dominates, fingering and tonguing Gia's gaping bunghole. April pummels Gia's asshole with a dildo and feeds her the tasty toy ass-to-mouth. A deranged lesbian romp features serious strap-on ass pounding. When her gash geysers girl juice, Gia lewdly licks up her mess. She smacks herself, embracing April's name-calling. Naked but for the cellophane encasing her cheeky rear, Gia perches herself ass-up with a dildo protruding from her butthole. Spanish stud Ramon Nomar stretches her sphincter with the toy and then his jumbo boner. The scene delivers profound rectal reaming and many of Gia's liquid orgasms. Kinky Gia holds her eyes open for a cum facial. When she's covered in spunk, kinky Ramon licks jism from her face and fingers her to another splashy release. In the end, Gia and the audience learn what all this dead-sexy action means.

分段 1/12





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